The Chapter 146 Association

"To Preserve and Protect Massachusetts General Law Chapter 146 and to ensure Public
Safety by maintaining a strong license law"
About The Chapter 146 Association:

The Chapter 146 Association is a not-for-profit organization that protects the Citizens of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We constantly review legislation developed by Big Business in
coordination with The Department of Public Safety that would weaken the intent of laws that were
enacted to promote public safety.

We are an association built and operated by Massachusetts Licensed Stationary Engineers. Throughout
the years we have successfully opposed several pieces of Legislation that would have compromised Public
Safety. The only individuals that would benefit from this legislation are Big Business and The
Massachusetts Department of Public Safety!
  • We fight for you! We are your voice, we speak loud and clear.

  • Review all pending legislation affecting the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 146 and Code of
    Massachusetts Regulations 522.

  • Network with Affiliated Trades, Unions, Organizations and Associations to coordinate our efforts at
    either blocking or pushing through legislation.

  • Generate correspondence and petitions to elected and/or appointed officials regarding matters related
    to M.G.L. c. 146 on behalf of Stationary Engineers.

  • Lawfully and peacefully demonstrate our position when required.

  • Meet with local, state and federal agencies and various elected or appointed politicians to  discuss our
    industry and the impacts that negative change has on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.