The Chapter 146 Association

"To Preserve and Protect Massachusetts General Law Chapter 146 and to ensure Public
Safety by maintaining a strong license law"
Annual Meeting and Election was held on April 13, 2017

The Chapter 146 Association held our annual meeting and elections on April 13, 2017at the Lowell Veterans of Foreign
Wars Post 662 i
n Lowell, MA and we had approximately 50 members in attendance.

discussed the legislative issues that occurred, changes that are coming with the Reorganization, and steps that the
association is taking to prevent further weakening of laws and what our intent is moving forward.
The Association
discussed the "Kawa Bill" and that it is inactive, we stated that this was proposed legislation and we believe that the Chief
of Inspections Edward Kawa Jr. did not propose this with any malicious intent`

We held our annual election and the following members have been voted in for year 2017
Jim Turcotte - President, John Rogers - Vice President, Jason Robertson - Secretary, Dave Trieb - Treasurer
John Gleason, Todd Davis, Keith Gott, Chris Marcella and Dan Kilburn - Board Members

We are in the process of having professional PVC license style membership cards sent out to all members to replace the
paper ones that we have received over the years. We will issue all current members two (2) membership identification
cards one to carry on you and one to post with your license.

Update regarding H.68

The Chapter 146 Association met at the Statehouse on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at
11:00 and the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight met to hear public comment on "An Act
to reorganize the Department of Public Safety", we had State Representative – Theodore C. Speliotis (D.) of the 13th Essex
District speak in opposition to the proposed Reorganization as well as 55 Chapter 146 members in attendance with news
coverage on WWLP 22 and several other groups in opposition.

In addition to our participation in the Public Hearing The Chapter 146 Association submitted approximately 1,600 signed
petitions and every Legislative Aid, Chief of Staff, Representative or Senator that we spoke to was well aware of our
opposition and were inundated with correspondence however; the Committee felt that Governor Baker’s proposed benefits
outweighed our concerns.
We did our best but unfortunately it was
not enough and hopefully as a profession we get stronger and more organized.
We need your help to prevent any further weakening of the laws under which we operate and are looking for feedback
and new ideas.

More to come!

Thank you for viewing our site.