The Chapter 146 Association

"To Preserve and Protect Massachusetts General Law Chapter 146 and to ensure Public
Safety by maintaining a strong license law"
Commissioner Matt Carlin

The newly appointed
Commissioner of Public
Safety Matt Carlin has

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"The Kawa Bill"
Breaking News...

Department of Public Safety  
held a "secret meeting" with
AIM and other Big
Businesses. At this meeting
the Department proposed
damaging legislation that the
Chief of Inspections created
that would reduce Public
Safety and weaken our
Professional Licenses

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"Records Request" Breaking

Chapter 146 Association
makes request to the
Commonwealth for all emails
and other records related to
the "The Kawa Bill".

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Governor Baker files Article
87 - Eliminating the D.P.S.

Once again a Republican
Governor is trying to
eliminate the D.P.S. by filing
an Article 87 H.68 that will
divide the DPS Engineering
Inspectors and weaken our
profession and Public Safety.

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Attention Department of Public Safety License Holders;

Governor Charley Baker has filed an Article 87 H.68 that will eliminate the
Department of Public Safety and transfer the functions to (3) three different
groups. Department of Fire Services, Department of Professional Licensee and
the Office of Public Safety.

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We have sent every license holder a letter discussing this Article 87, an
opposition petition to be filled out by family and friends and a membership

The Chapter 146 Association opposes this and so should you!

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New office for Chief of
Inspections yet same old

DPS Chief of Inspections
Edward S. Kawa Jr. will move
to D.F.S. However, his vision
is still the same to eliminate
first inspections of pressure
vessels by Engineering
Inspectors and weaken our
Public Safety through

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The Chapter 146 Association met at the  Statehouse on Wednesday, February 22,
2017 at 11:00 to show the Committee that our people actually care about this

The Committee met to hear public comment on "An Act to reorganize the
Department of Public Safety" and we had 55 members in attendance. This was a
great showing on with only three (3) days notice of the hearing.

We have only a few days left to fight back and if we are not seen at the hearing or
heard by petition, email and phone calls the Department of Public Safety will be
no more and we will lose State District Engineering Inspectors in the process. If
you care about your license you will call or email each committee member and
tell them the following:

I, ____________________________ (a citizen of the Commonwealth) or (an employee of
a business in the Commonwealth) call on you to oppose this Article 87: An
Act to reorganize the Department of Public Safety. This bill is fiscally
irresponsible and being justified by an initial cost savings of $800k and lack of
duplication. This bill is flawed and if allowed would create additional spending
well in excess of this initial savings and increases to staffing at (3) three agencies
to achieve each agencies new mission.

I, believe this Article 87 bypasses the legislative process affording only limited
opportunity for my comment and I implore your office to vote no on behalf of me,
my family, my friends and your legislative colleague’s constituents.

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Oversight's Contact Information...

The Chapter 146 Association would like to say that regardless of what happens to
The Department of Public Safety, the District Engineering Inspectors, our laws or
the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth that we truly appreciate those
who did speak out and try to defend our profession.

We have lost so much over the years from special licenses to reduced attendance
requirements that it is almost inevitable that our licenses to operate will go as
well.  Thank you all for your help over the years and we hope that there is still a
reason for us to continue the fight for you.  Sincerely,  The Chapter 146