The Chapter 146 Association

"To Preserve and Protect Massachusetts General Law Chapter 146 and to ensure Public Safety by
maintaining a strong license law"
The 146 Association met with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Safety Chief of Inspections Edward S. Kawa Jr. on February 1,
2017 at 4PM to outline what would happen if the Governor's Article 87 goes through and he was sincerely very optimistic and outlined his vision of the new
Engineering Division under the Department of Fire Services where he again proposed his original damaging legislation and vision that Association
believes would reduce Public Safety and weaken our Professional Licenses.

The Department of Public Safety's Chief of Inspection has proposed legislation that will amend the Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws
Chapter 146 and will do so again under a smaller and weaker division under the D.F.S.

The 146 Association did not agree with these changes, feel they are unnecessary and opposed them under the Department of Public Safety however, they
will be back under the Department of Fire Services where the Fire Marshal who is very powerful will push the Chief's "Building Engineer" Vision and
eliminate the "Stationary Engineer".

If you do not agree with these proposed changes by Chief of Inspections Kawa and don't want to forced into becoming a "Facilities Engineer" or "Building
Engineer" then please contact the Department and let them know that you are a Stationary Engineer and oppose the Chief's Vision -