The Chapter 146 Association

"To Preserve and Protect Massachusetts General Law Chapter 146 and to ensure Public Safety by
maintaining a strong license law"

On October 3, 2016 The Chapter 146 Association made a Public Records request related to a
*meeting where
stake holders ( groups or individuals that have interest in Chapter 146) attended to discuss changes that  the
Department of Public Safety proposed.

Please see the attached PDF documents below from the Department of Public Safety that include the Proposed
Changes to Massachusetts General Law chapter 146.

*Note: The Chapter 146 Association was not invited to this private meeting, we were not considered a "stake holder" and were disregarded.
We had to hear about this "Private Meeting" third hand to know what it was about. The members in attendance were sworn to secrecy and the
Department or Chief did not reach out to the Association until after the Public Records request was made.